The Jobsmobile unit is dedicated to bringing our services and resources to you. Staff will be able to help individuals with resumes, providing information about training programs or classes we offer and finding career opportunities.

Restored Citizens (ex-offenders)

Nearly 10% of the job seekers we see everyday in our job center have the barrier of a criminal background. It is our goal to help these job seekers identify and connect with employers willing and able to give these potential candidates a second chance.


At OMJ-CFC, veterans receive priority service. Our goal is to shorten the gap between a return from service and your next employment opportunity while ensuring that you are treated with courtesy and respect.

Supportive Services

Sometimes it is not the education or experience barriers that get in the way of landing or keeping the perfect job, but it’s childcare, utilities bills, lack of transportation, or the inability to purchase uniforms for your new job or textbooks for school. We can help.


Determining your job search needs often requires an assessment of your current skills. Assessments help us to better serve you, document your progress, and certify your skills.

Career Consultation

As a COWIC/ OMJ –CFC customer you have the opportunity to be paired with a personal Career Advisor. Your advisor will be your career coach helping you to identify training and employment opportunities and working with you to develop a career plan that will make you more marketable to employers. Once you register for our services, a Career Advisor will be assigned to you.

Essential Skills Workshop Series

Education and experience will help you get the job, but essential skills will keep you there. From critical thinking and problem solving skills to conflict management and the ability to work well in teams, employers are looking for employees with strong soft skills. Our new Essential Skills Workshop Series is designed to sharpen your personal and professional skills in a way that will help you stand out from the rest.

Interview Skills

The Interview Skills workshop will teach you techniques to become more comfortable and prepared when speaking with a potential employer. Learn what questions to expect and how to answer them; how to prepare for an interview; what NOT to say during an interview; what questions to ask the employer.

Resume Development

Our Resume Development Training is a three-hour workshop where you will learn how to communicate your skills and develop a strong, professional resume. During the workshop, participants will format a resume, receive tips on what NOT to include on a resume, and how to adjust a resume and cover letter for different positions.

Basic Computer Literacy Class

Our Basic Computer Literacy Skills Training is a three-day class held Tuesday- Thursday every week here at OhioMeansJobs Columbus-Franklin County. The class instruction, facilitated by Henkels & McCoy, is designed to improve your computer skills and your job search.